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The housing market is extremely competitive, so if you want to know how to sell your property for the highest price, you need to learn how to market it to show buyers exactly what they are looking for.  Here Hill & Viteir Property discuss adding value through marketing, explain what adds value to a house, and what you can do to appeal to potential buyers to ensure you generate maximum interest.  This is part of our formula to create value beyond comparison value to what we call ‘Market Value’.

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Hill Viteri Property Add Value To Your Home


Provide ALL the information buyers need

Looking for a new home can be extremely time-consuming, not to mention expensive. Buyers look at many properties, so you need to make sure yours is more memorable than others in your area. One of the ways you can do this is by providing potential buyers with as much information as possible.  This will save them spending extra time and money finding the essential things out for themselves. They will remember and thank you for it!

Some of the information you can provide them with includes:

  1. Building and pest inspection reports

When someone is on the market for a new home, they won’t be prepared to spend on building and pest inspection reports for every property they visit – they will do this only for a select few. You can get ahead of the competition by providing them with this information yourself. It can make all the difference, especially for buyers who may already be stretching their budgets to the max to afford your property.

  1. Engineer’s report

This shows that your property is structurally sound, even if it has cracks or other visible faults. It reassures buyers that they won’t need to have expensive structural work done if they purchase your property.

  1. Invoices showing the costs of improvements

If you have made improvements to your property, showing potential buyers the invoices demonstrates that they are getting good value. It shows how much you have spent on the property and that you have taken care in maintaining and improving it. It will show they will not need to have as much work done themselves.


Get your presentation right

Some of the questions we are commonly asked by home sellers include:

  • What are the best renovations to do before selling?
  • How much value does painting add to a house?
  • Does a front fence add value?

The truth is, every home is different, and the renovations you need to make will depend on the condition of your property. The most important things to do are to declutter and give every area of your property a deep clean. You need to remove all your personal items so buyers can see a blank canvas.

A good real estate agent will be able to put you in touch with a professional property stylist. They will bring in their own furniture and soft furnishings to present your home in a way that will photograph well and appeal to potential buyers in your area.


Create an emotional connection

Buyers are looking for a property that they can imagine themselves living in and enjoying the lifestyle it offers. This means you have to make every effort to forge an emotional connection between potential buyers and your property.  

To do this, you need to make sure the photographs of your home look as attractive as possible. You then need to make sure these photographs reach as many of your target market as possible. You can do this by through increasing your social media reach. A good agent will ensure your property can be seen by overseas and interstate buyers as well as those in your local area.

In addition, you can make the experience more ‘real’ for the buyer by making it easier for them to envisage living in your home. 3D floor plans and virtual walk-throughs enable buyers to ‘revisit’ your property online and imagine how they would use the space. This creates a deeper connection with your property and add value through marketing to make it stand out from the crowd.


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How to increase the value of your home with Hill & Viteri Property



Find out more about how to add value to your home

Hill & Viteri Property have plenty of examples of sales where they have helped sellers add value to their home through marketing and expertise.

If you want more tips on how to market it to appeal to the maximum number of buyers in your area, we are always happy to help.  

To book an appointment with one Hill & Viteri Property’s sales agents please call our office on 9545 2220 or click here.


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