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How To Sell My House

How To Sell My House?

It’s a common question that we get asked by homeowners and while everyone’s situation is different, we wanted to throw some light on a shady topic.

Renovating your property is one of the sure ways of adding value to your home and getting it ready for sale. And part of the renovation process is selecting the right type of shading that goes with your theme, but also lets in that natural light.

In the past home renovators would match all there curtains and blinds. While keeping to the same theme is sensible, you shouldn’t have to compromise style by choosing all the same blinds or curtains.

Let’s look at some shade solutions below for the different rooms in your home:


Curtains are a popular option for bedrooms as they offer great privacy and block the light on those sunny mornings when you’re feeling like a bear with a sore head.

Remember you can stick to your theme by selecting different fabrics that match the other shades around the home.

Curtains are also a good choice for other parts of the house like your dining and living rooms.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

Thank god for the invention of plantation shutters, being waterproof they are great for those wet areas like bathrooms and laundries.

Plantation shutters offer the best of both worlds by letting in as much light and privacy as you need.

Going Vertical

Vertical blinds are good for those areas with slide doors and smaller windows. As they are low cost and a flexible solution, they are a sensible option for the home renovator on a budget.

How To Sell My House

Bear in mind that blinds, curtains and shutters are primary used for the control of temperature, light and privacy. So when selecting your fabrics or materials, think where the room is pointing, is it west or north facing? Each room will require a different solution, so before diving into things speak to a professional to get the right advice.

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