landlord rights

Many real estate investors are not aware of their landlord rights​. At Hill & Viteri Property we
leave no stone turned, and make sure that as an investor and a landlord you know all your
rights and obligations.

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Q:​ Does a landlord have rights?
A: ​Yes landlords have rights just like tenants. Landlords have the right to evict tenants if they
are continuously late on rent or if tenants break terms and conditions in the property rental

Q: ​Can a landlord visit a tenant’s property unannounced?
A: ​No, as a landlord you are not permitted to visit your tenants property unannounced. The
landlord must give sufficient notice to the tenant, which in most cases is 24 hours. The
tenant can refuse entry to the landlord in the event no sufficient notice was given to the
tenant occupying the landlord’s property.

Q: ​Can a landlord enter a property without a tenant present?
A: ​Yes, but only if arrangements have been made, and the tenant agrees to the inspection. If
the tenant does not agree to the inspection and the landlord goes ahead and enters the
property, the landlord is in breach of the law.

The above are just a few questions we get asked from investors when they want to know
their landlord rights​. There are many rights and obligations as a landlord that you need to
adhere by, and we discuss this in more detail throughout our website.

What we find that helps investors is the knowledge and experience we share with them.
Having serviced the Sutherland Shire for decades, we truly know the area and how to best
leverage off the local market.

Negotiating the best possible rental price for your property is our aim and objective. And we
guide our clients on how to prepare their properties for open inspection, to help achieve this

When it comes to getting the highest return on investment for your rental property, you want
to be sure that you minimize vacancy. At Hill and Viteri, we achieve low vacancy rates,
through releasing property to good tenants, early advertising before vacancy and
maintaining healthy relationships with tenants & landlords.

It is important to keep the rent coming in, and not going stagnate. This will only put a hole in
your pocket having to keep up payments with council rates.

We understand most property investors have busy lives, and cannot juggle managing their
properties. Let us take the stress away from your property management needs and handle
the day to day business that comes along with renting out one of your homes.

We would love to hear from you if you got any questions about your investment property.
Give us a call on (02) 9545-2220 ​or drop by our agency located at 1/29 East Parade,
Sutherland NSW 2232.

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