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From dealing with terrible tenants who are always late on rent and wrecking your property. To dodgy tradies, over charging you for botched renovations and maintenance jobs. Being a property investor and landlord can have it’s own challenges.

Property management is not an easy job. And trying manage your rental investments, should be done by a professional property manager that understands and can educate you on your Landlord Rights. So you don’t end up in a tribunal that could potentially hurt you financially.

Our team at Hill & Viteri Property are here to provide you with a stress free real estate experience. Where you don’t have to worry about the need to organise maintenance and repairs, or where your new tenants will come from.

By being an independent real estate and property management agency. We have developed a realty business system that puts the customer at the core of all our dealings. Because our customers come first and their success is our success, we thrive on achieving best results and going above and beyond all expectations.

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While there are loads of tips and free advice we share with our clients, you can check out some do’s and don’ts that we think investors and landlords should be aware of below:


Hire Yourself a Professional Property Manager

There is no if’s or but’s here on this one. A professional property management team is your one stop shop for your rental investment, and should not be overlooked.

(We talk more below on the downfalls of DIY property management.)

Understand The Tenancy Laws & Acts

Knowing where you stand legally is a good practice in any aspect of business. And as renting out investment properties is essentially your business. One would want to make sure they are covered.

Lease Out To Blue Chip Companies

The benefit here is minimal vacancy rates, as Blue Chip companies are known to agree on fixed leases of up to and over 60 month terms.

Blue Chip companies will rent out your property generally for their executive staff and families.

Keep Your Investment Clean & Updated

Always keeping your investment property clean and looking modern, is a sure way to get a higher yield on your return.

Tenants that lead professional & busy lifestyles, appreciate a fresh and modern home to come back to after a hard day’s work. And they are most likely to stay longer due to the appeal.


Don’t Lease To Family & Friends

DO NOT Lease out to family and friends even if you are using an agent. Unfortunately family members and close friends tend to push the envelope to far at times. And your agent will be like do you want to kick out your brother and his family etc…

Don’t Do DIY Property Management

Doing property management DIY is not encouraged. Unless you are thinking of doing it as a full-time job. Only to get stuck with all the headaches and challenges.

Firstly you have to do administrative and business tasks such as setting up your own policies and business hours.

Secondly, you must be highly organized and be able to respond to tenant emergencies.

And not only will you have to do all the accounting and finances, but you will also have to interview and screen tenants and outsource maintenance repairs.

These points are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to trying to do property management DIY.

That is why it is best to select a property management agency that can provide you with a stress-free environment and manage your investment property needs.

Get in touch with us now at Hill & Viteri Property on (02) 9545-2220. Or fill out our contact form here. Our staff are here to help you to achieve the best outcomes when it comes to your property investments.

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