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Are you unhappy with your current property manager, and don’t know how to switch agencies?

Or are you an investor looking to make the most out of your investor but you don’t know where to start?

Then get in touch with us now at Hill & Viteri Property on (02) 9545-2220.

Or fill out our contact form here and one of our professional property managers will get back to you at a better time.

Our office is located at 1/29 East Parade, Sutherland, NSW 2232. We welcome you to drop by and visit us anytime you are in the area.


Landlords and investors are all after the same thing when it comes to renting out their properties, and that is to get the highest rental yield possible, with minimal vacancy rate.

While a lot of times the two factors are achieved, a lot of times they are not.

And the reason being, is landlords and investors have been poorly or not educated properly by their current property managers.

At Hill & Viteri Property we strive on excellence in customer service, and want to achieve the best outcomes for our clients when it comes to their real estate affairs.

And not only that, the level of education our customers receive is second to none. Seeing our clients’ property portfolios grow only brings more of a smile to our faces.

We want you to have that low vacancy rate, and highest yield possible from your investment property. And we do that by helping you select the right tenants and keep them, and look at possible ways to add more value to your home, without breaking the bank and getting more of a return on investment.

So, if you are a landlord or a property investor that is seeking to get the most out of your rental property or properties?

Then we urge you to get in contact with us now at Hill & VIteri Property on (02) 9545-2220 and ask for our Senior Property Manager Leigh Anderson.

Leigh has experience in all aspects of real estate, and he believes in always going above and beyond for his clients.

And being an excellent communicator, rest assured Leigh and his team will always be keeping you update with what is going on with your rental properties.

If you are too busy to make the call to Leigh and his team, then feel free to fill out our contact form here and one of our staff will get back to you a better time.

Don’t forget we offer a FREE rental appraisal too, just in the event you are unsure on what your potential rental yield is worth.

Our office is located at 1/29 East Parade, Sutherland, NSW 2232. And we welcome you to visit us anytime if you are in the Shire.

There are many Property Rental Agencies in the Sutherland Shire, but when it comes to excellence in customer service, and getting the best results from you investment property, Hill & Viteri definitely have you covered.



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