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While some may think that one Property Management Agency will be the same as the other
Agency around the corner; we believe that this statement is not true. The true statement we
believe should read as “Property Management Agencies are not created equal”, and we will
explain why.

But before we get into it; if you are reading this and looking for an experienced property
management agency, then Hill & Viteri is your point of call. Get in touch with one of our
friendly property managers now on (02) 9545 2220 or drop in our office at:

1/29 East Parade, Sutherland NSW 2232

Having an experienced property manager is key, as they know the laws, local council
regulations, and the local area. Good property managers also have good relationships with
their tenants, landlords and other stakeholders involved when it comes to renting out one of
your apartments’ or houses’.

While a property manager is working for the landlord; a skill
they need to have is being able to establish a good relationship with the tenant. This can go
a long way in making sure the tenancy runs smoothly.
Property Managers also require a solid knowledge in their area of expertise, and not to
mention there are a lot of laws that need to be followed for property owners, tenants and the
property manager.

All parties involved in the property renting process all need to understand these laws, and
each party’s rights & obligations.

Many landlords don’t understand their rights, and not all property agents explain everything
in black and white to their clients, in this case, the client is the soon to be unhappy Landlord.

Not having a clear understanding of your rights as a landlord and your tenant rights, can
sometimes lead to a dispute in the tribunal’s court, where the property owner loses out as
they didn’t understand their rights or obligations as a landlord.

At Hill & Viteri Property our property manager and partner Leigh Anderson has extensive
experience in the property management field and a great local knowledge of rental
properties in the Sutherland Shire area. Understanding the local council, we can advise
Landlords on local tips for the area, and what they can expect in terms of their council rates.

We educate Landlords on their rights and what is the best way to stay covered, so they can
avoid getting burnt and being put in a situation regarding a rental property dispute that could
cost them in the long run.

We also encourage property owners to get the maximum return on their rental property. By
sitting down with our clients and showing them the possibilities of getting a higher yield for
their investment, we really open some doors and change people’s lives.

Our clients are actually quite surprised how simple it can be to add value to their rental
properties, all it takes is some expert advice from one our experienced property managers
and a bit of planning with a positive mindset. And before you know it; Your Rental Property
income stream has increased.

Having been serving the Sutherland Shire and Surrounding Areas for over the last decade
Hill & Viteri Property and their team have the experience and knowledge to deliver the best
possible outcomes for Landlords and their rental property scenarios.

Our knowledge and background surpasses decades of combined experience, and we pass
on this knowledge to our clients to help them make massive changes in their lives and grow
their property portfolios. Serving above and beyond is ingrained in the mindset of all
employees at Hill & Viteri Property, that is how we deliver the best results for our clientele,
and continue to do as the years go by.

A good Property Management Team, we believe, should have their real estate and property management
the team trained in the know how of fostering good relationships on all sides of the playing field.
And that is not just for tenants and landlords, but also other stakeholders that come into play
when renting out your property, whether it is a plumber or an electrician needed, we got you
covered with the friendliest and the most highly skilled tradesman in the Sutherland Shire.

So don’t forget when you are choosing a Property Management Agency, to remember that
they should have the experience and knowledge to educate you on your rights, your tenant’s
right, and the property management agency’s rights and obligations, and any local laws and
council regulations. Your property manager will want to make sure you are getting the
highest possible rental yield on your rental property and know how to maintain healthily
relationships with everyone.

So if you are reading this now and you are a Landlord looking for a Property Management
Agency in the Sutherland Shire or Surrounding Areas? Then give us a call now on (02) 9545
2220 or visit our office at: 1/29 East Parade, Sutherland NSW 2232

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