Are you looking for property rental agencies in the Sutherland Shire?

Our property managers can help you out now, whether you are a tenant looking
for somewhere to rent or landlord looking to rent out your property.

Even if you are thinking of becoming a landlord and looking to build up a real estate portfolio,
then why not give us a call now on (02) 9545-2220 or drop into our office at
1/29 East Parade, Sutherland NSW 2232.

Our team at Hill & Viteri Property are always ready to lend a helping hand
and provide some sound advice to assist you with any of your property rental questions.

Our senior property manager and partner Leigh Anderson is an exceptionally brilliant team member.

Leigh has experience across all areas of residential real estate.

Whether that be sales, administration, property management, leasing and being the department head,
Leigh definitely has the knowledge and experience that sets himself apart
from the other property rental agents out there.

Leigh believes in using a proactive approach as opposed to being reactive.
This allows him to achieve the best results for his clients.

His infectious enthusiasm clearly shows Leigh’s passion for the real estate industry.
Leigh has over 12 years experience in real estate and he always strives
to achieve the best outcomes for all his clients and other
internal and external stakeholders involved in the property rental process.
Whether that be through his strong negotiating skills
or excellent communication abilities,
Leigh always prides himself for going above and beyond for his clients.

Give Leigh a call now on (02) 9545 2220

Over the past few decades working with Derrin Hill & Sebastian Viteri, Leigh has really learnt from some of the best in the real estate game. The team at Hill & Viteri Property are second to none.

“We want to work and communicate with our clients, so they are never left in the lurch by not having a clear understanding of what is really going on with their rental property matters”.

Rest assured when you are dealing with one of our property managers in Sutherland,
you are dealing with a team that is always looking out for your best interests.

Whether that be helping you to achieve a higher rental yield for your rental property,
getting the ideal tenant that will take care of the home
or if it’s getting the right trade to fix up things professionally.
When there are so many property rental agencies to choose from,
why not choose the one that will give you the assurance to go on about your daily life?

Knowing that your rental property is in good hands with the best real estate agents in Sutherland Shire.

The cost of “NOT” having a property manager that strives to achieve the best outcomes
for all stakeholders and makes sure your property is well kept,
can be catastrophic in terms of bills, and sometimes heartbreaking and dragged out tribunals.

Why would you risk it?

Why give yourself the stress and headaches?

When you can work with the best?

So, If you are looking how to best leverage off your rental property or rental properties,
and learn from a team that cares about your best interests.

Or if you simply want the piece of mind that your property is in the right rental property agencies hands?
Then give Leigh and his team of experienced property managers a call now on (02) 9545-2220.

They will be more than happy to assist you with your landlord or tenant needs.

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