How to sell my house

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Good real estate agent websites are a dime in a dozen, and with agents commonly moving

Between real estate agencies these days, customers can start to become wary of employees in the industry, and real estate agencies in general.

And, it can become a frustrating situation when the agent you are dealing with switches teams or jumps ship, and no soft handover of your customer account ever took place. Leaving it up to you to follow up with the real estate agency that you are supposed to be dealing with, and hoping they will follow through of the promises made by their ex-staff member, who has now disappeared.

Unfortunately this is a common occurrence that we hear about from new clients when they visit us for the first time.

The good news is, and due to our hard work ethics & core beliefs, is that when you work with Hill & Viteri Property, this will never happen to you and your family.

As communication is one of our pillars to success, it is of the utmost importance that all our staff keep a clear line of communication with every single one of our customers and stakeholders, whether internal or external to the business.

We care for all our customers, and want them to have a pleasing experience when they work with us. Going above and beyond is the norm for our team at Hill and Viteri, and this standard is reflected through our five-star customer service.

Not many agencies, can or will give you market insights like we do. Because we believe education is key to understanding the real estate industry, our customers are always backed up with the essential knowledge to make informed decisions, when it comes to selling their properties.

Cutting edge and digital technology, keeps us on top of business and assists us to work in a seamless manner, and never miss a heart beat.

When you combine our experience and background in selling properties in the Sutherland Shire with modern technology, you get more than an in depth analysis on what your property could potentially be worth. And this knowledge is power when selling your home.

Nothing is more important to us, than you having the peace of mind when it comes to selling your property with Hill & Viteri. And we urge you to speak with one of our agents if you are thinking about selling.

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