12 Questions First Home Sellers Ask When Seeking Real Estate Advice

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The rise of property prices in Sydney have created a high stakes environment. Not having a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market, young families are turning to experienced Real Estate Agents like Hill & Viteri Property, for advice on selling, buying and investing.

Young families in Australia that currently own their own homes, or are still paying off their mortgage, find themselves in a position where they need to move into a bigger property to accommodate for their growing families.

Whatever the case might be, Sebastian Viteri and his team from Hill & Viteri Property, have helped many clients that struggle to understand the real estate agents Sutherland Shire, by consulting with them on what the best options are when upgrading to a bigger home for their families.

Sebastian believes that by educating his clients, he can help them to make more informed selling and buying decisions, when it comes to the property market in Sydney.

Some of the common questions new Clients ask Sebastian when they need to sell their first home; are as followed:

12 Questions First Home Sellers Ask When Seeking Real Estate Advice

Question: How do I choose the right Real Estate Agent?

Answer: The best way choosing the right real estate agent is selecting the most competent one, as they deliver the best result and value. Which works out being more economical.

Question: How much is my property worth?

Answer: There are two values. “Comparable value & Market Value”. Comparable value is based upon what other similar properties have sold for and forms a benchmark. Market value can be influenced.

Question: What fees are involved when selling my property?

Answer: Fees vary so it’s best to interview a few agents. In real estate, the agent who can deliver the highest price works out to be the most economical and best choice.

Question: Why are some agents cheaper than others?

Answer: Cheap is cheap for a reason. An agent that commands a higher fee will typically command a higher price for you. This is an insight into their future performance.

Question: What is a property report or CMA?

Answer: A property report is a compilation of sales data typically called a ‘Comparative Market Analysis’ or CMA. This is used by agents to determine property price.

Question: What is an appraisal?

Answer: An appraisal in real estate is an estimate of current market price, backed up with comparable sales to substantiate the value of your property.

Question: Do Hill & Viteri Property offer a free appraisal?

Answer: Yes, we do. We encourage sellers to meet with our agents for a free appraisal. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience.

Question: How long is the property selling process?

Answer: Inside of 30 days is ideal with our selling process. However, we treat each property and customer individually, and there are exceptions for some persons and properties.

Question: Should I auction my property?

Answer: My personal belief is that a property auction is the best method of sales in real estate. Successful property auctions can command a higher selling price for vendors.

Question: How does a property auction work?

Answer: Auction as a method of sale is designed to remove price as a barrier to purchase. This method of sale has a deadline date where buyers bid to purchase.

Question: Should I renovate my property before selling?

Answer: Yes. If it looks better, buyers pay more. Preparing your property for sale is another great way to ensure you achieve the best price.

Question: How can I get the best offer for my property sale?

Answer: By using the right agent, marketing and strategy, best offers are usually found in the ‘peak marketing period’. This is typically in your first four weeks on the market.

Sebastian says that there are many more questions asked by first time home sellers, and he addresses his clients concerns through consultation and education, which then helps them to accumulate property and build wealth for their future.

To elaborate on and explain some of the common questions above further, Sebastian explains

“Choosing the right real estate agent is about competence. I find that sellers look at agents like a quote, and look at the price and fee quoted. But this gives the assumption that all agents are equally skilled. Real Estate is the only industry where the best agents work out to be the best value.”

“We look at both the market value and comparative value of homes. A professional sales agent can show you these insights too, and create value beyond comparison through Marketing, Negotiation & Communication.”

“Be mindful, that in order to achieve a result beyond comparison you need a professional sales agent that also knows how to leverage value through marketing, negotiation and communication.”

However, selling real estate is not as simple as your property is worth X, because properties W, Y  & Z sold for a similar price. There is a process that delivers the sales result, and our agents can talk you through this.”

“In consignment selling, which is how we sell real estate. The best agents, work out to be the cheapest by virtue of the fact that the best will achieve the highest price. Fees are typically broken down to commission and advertising & marketing. Agents only make a commission if the property is sold. We basically work for free until we achieve the result for you.”

“At Hill & Viteri we take a consultative approach and offer free appraisals, as this allows us to help guide sellers through the pitfalls and avoid common mistakes that may cost them tens of thousands of dollars.”

“Whilst we feel there is a ‘best way’ to sell property we do offer clients several options and methods of sale that we are competent in.  We give sellers the choice to operate with the strategy they feel comfortable with and outline the pros and cons of each.”

“Through competitive bidding I have found that auctions deliver better results for sellers. However, this is also dependent on the agent’s understanding on how to facilitate the auction method of sale. The result will be largely affected by how the process is managed.”

“Usually, most buyers will view the property in the first two weeks. This is a great time to survey market feedback. The next two weeks is the perfect time to capitalize on the buyers interest and choose an offer that is best for you.”

“It is all too easy for clients that are trying to sell their first home, to end up in the common pitfalls we see in the real estate industry. To avoid getting caught up in these types of pitfalls, and losing tens of thousands of dollars, it is vital for vendors to choose an agency that is competent with a proven track record and knows the market better than most. Your real estate agent should be able to educate you on the market and your property, and use the initiative to assist you with making the right decision when selling your home. Our agents will advise you on what is the best option to sell your property, whether it is by auction of other methods of sale. We always endeavour to deliver the best possible results for our clients.”

“Our agency has a long history and experience in real estate sales around the Sutherland Shire, and we have a strong reputation in achieving top results for vendors. We believe in adding value by teaching and guiding sellers, through the property sales process. Unfortunately this is an area we find many other agencies lack in, and the client is the one who suffers in the end, by making the wrong choices with the real estate agent they chose..”

“We strongly recommend if you are looking to sell your property, that you do some research into the real estate agency that you choose to work with. Consider their sales history, reviews and ask happy clients they have worked with in the past. You will be quite surprised at how many other realtors in the game that seem to look affordable at first glance, actually lack the mindset and knowledge of a truly successful agent. Think about it like going to a heart surgeon, would you rather pay a premium for an optimal result, or gamble with your health? In real estate the bonus is that the premium option works out to be the most economical by virtue of the fact that a higher price is attained.”

“Our property sellers research guide is a great tool to help you choose the right agent, just ask us for your free copy.”

So if you are reading this and you are a first time home seller or just looking to put your property on the market and you got some questions for Sebastian and the team, than give us a call now at Hill & Viteri Property on 02 9545 2220 or fill out an online appoint form to book a free appraisal.

We invite all people who are in many different circumstances, to come and talk to us about a free property appraisal. You never know how much you could actually receive for the sale for your property when selecting the right agent and getting professional real estate advice.