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12 Questions First Home Sellers Ask When Seeking Real Estate Advice

The rise of property prices in Sydney have created a high stakes environment. Not having a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market, young families are turning to experienced Real Estate Agents like Hill & Viteri Property, for advice on selling, buying and investing.

Property Management Agency

While some may think that one Property Management Agency will be the same as the other Agency around the corner; we believe that this statement is not true. The true statement we believe should read as “Property Management Agencies are not created equal”, and we will explain why.

How To Choose an Agent

Looking around and finding out how to choose an agent to sell your home or property can be a daunting task when there are so many options to choose from. We understand this all to well at Hill & Viteri Property, and that is why we simplify the property selling process for our clients. By providing customers with the essential knowledge and services they require, we help them to achieve better than average results for the sale of their homes.

Real Estate

Real Estate listings

Real estate listings showing homes for sale. Find property for sale, houses for sale by owner, apartment rentals, commercial buildings and waterfront properties.Having over 6 decade’s worth of experience selling properties in the Sutherland Shire, you will find Hill & Viteri have a wealth of knowledge to share when it comes to property.

Real Estate Price Estimate

Property Sales Report

whether seasoned or green can sometimes miss out on current opportunities on the sale of their real estate due to changes in the market, they may or may not be aware of. Sometimes a little bit of research pays off, but before you start diving into a quick and easy sale of your property, which could potentially cost you more in the long run, have a chat with one of our agent s from Hill & Viteri Property.

Property Agent

Looking for Real Estate Agents

Our property in the real estate market these days, whether that is by auctioning or selling through an agent or even doing it yourself. Looking for agents can be a difficult task as there are so many out there, and doing it yourself can be quite an uphill battle. So, if you are thinking of selling your home or property, and considering to sell it on your own, we suggest giving us a quick call before you endeavor to do so.

Property Agent Cover

Best Estate Agents

The Best Real Estate Agents are generally the ones that are self made principals and run their own agencies. They make themselves the best through hardwork and dedication.

landlord rights

Free Property Appraisal

Looking for a free property appraisal  We can definitely help you out. Hill & Viteri Property is ready to assist you with the sale of your property, or properties; whatever the case might be.

Compare Real Estate Agents

You never know what you might learn when you speak to one of our Agents at Hill & Viteri Property. We believe in helping people build wealth through property and making the right decisions in their real estate affairs.

Estimate Your Property Value

Estimate your property value then why not give us a quick call on (02) 9545 2220 or drop in our office at 1/29 East Parade, Sutherland NSW 2232. Our friendly staff are more than happy to connect your with the right agent to help you to get your property valued.

Real Estate Agent Sutherland

The Sutherland Shire is located in the Southern region of Sydney, New South Wales. You might be familiar with the reality TV series “THE SHIRE”, which was taken from the nickname that the locals gave to the area.

Local Estate Agents

If you are looking for more than just some tips or advice on the real estate market, then choose Hill & Viteri Property in Sutherland.At Hill & Viteri, we believe that there is more to property than just a sale or collecting rent.

Real Estate and Property Management

Real Estate and Property Management Agency in the Sutherland Shire? Then welcome to Hill & Viteri Property. Our friendly staff are ready to answer your call, give us a call on 02 9545-2220.

How to Sell My House

Well if you have? and you landed here, then you are in the right place. Having an experienced real estate agent like an agent from Hill & Viteri Property, you can be

Property Rental Agencies

Rental agencies in the Sutherland Shire? Our property managers can help you out now, whether you are a tenant looking for somewhere to rent or landlord looking to rent out your property

Real Estate Listings

We are a fully licensed real estate agency based in the heart of the Sutherland Shire. If you are looking for Real Estate Listings in Sutherland, then give us a call on 02 9545 2220. Please feel free to browse our website for current real estate listings we have up for rent and sale.

Looking for agent

Property Management Agency

Property Management Agency in the Sutherland Shire and surrounding areas? Whether you are a Landlord looking for a diligent property manager to manage the leasing of your property, or you a tenant looking for a lease, our property agents at Hill & Viteri have you covered.

Local Estate Agents

What to do to sell your home

Did you know you can easily add more value to the sale of your home? And it is really not as hard as some people think. Let our Agents at Hill & Viteri Property help you to achieve the best price for your property and show you what to do to sell your home. Give us a call now on 02 9545-2220 or fill out our contact form here and one of our professional real estate agents will be able to assist you.

Property Rental Agencies

Are you looking for property rental agencies in the Sutherland Shire? Our property managers can help you out now, whether you are a tenant looking for somewhere to rent or landlord looking to rent out your property. Even if you are thinking of becoming a landlord and looking to build up a real estate portfolio, then why not give us a call now on (NAP) or drop into our office at (NAP).

Real Estate Price Estimate

Trying to work out your real estate price estimate ​on your own can be a difficult task. The best thing to do would be to engage an agent that knows your local area and has a strong history of property sales.

landlord Responsibilites

Landlord Rights

Many real estate investors are not aware of their landlord rights and Responsibilities​. At Hill & Viteri Property we
leave no stone turned, and make sure that as an investor and a landlord you know all your rights and obligations.

Real Estate Agent Finder

A really useful Real Estate Agent Finder that you can use on the internet nowadays is rate
my agent.

Property Manager Sutherland

Are you a homeowner or investor looking to lease out your property or properties?
Are your properties located in the Sutherland Shire?

Landlord Responsibilities

Do you want to know all your Landlord Responsibilities and Rights? Are you unsure about your current tenants or how your real estate agency is managing your property?