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Have you ever asked the question online “how to sell my house for the best price”? Well if you have? and you landed here, then you are in the right place. Having an experienced real estate agent like an agent from Hill & Viteri Property, you can be
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How to sell my house

1. Get ready to SELL

It is important for home sellers to get in the mindset of Selling Real Estate their homes when they are thinking of putting their properties on the Real Estate Market.

You will also want to declutter as much as possible and try to make your home look like it is ready to go to market. Presentation is key.

2. Get yourself a good agent

Choosing the right agent is vital to the sale of your property. A good agent should know how local property sales Selling Real Estate have been performing in comparison to other properties recently sold in the area.

Great agents are also highly knowledgeable and have a strong history of sales, in their local areas.

3. Choose how to sell your home

Selling your home by auction is generally the most preferred way of selling property these days. It’s a faster method that can achieve better results in a shorter time.

However there are variables involved in the auctioning process, that are controllable and some that are uncontrollable. The controllable aspects of auctioning are how well you can present your property and how you market it.

4. Workout your selling price

Your agent in most cases will do a free Selling Real Estate property appraisal to give you a guideline on how much you should be asking for the sale of your property, in the current real estate market conditions.

5. Getting the paperwork done

Discuss the administrative sides of selling your property with your real estate agent and the details of the paperwork and fees involved.

Your agent should also guide you with obtaining a Section 32 which is also known as a Vendor’s Statement. The section 32 outlines important points for buyers like whether or not a mortgage is held on the vendor’s property, what you can and can’t do to the property subject to council and other regulations or restrictions like plumbing and electrical infrastructure in and around the property.

A conveyor should be able to help you out with preparing a Section 32.


Marketing is a crucial element when it comes to selling your home. Great agents know how to use clever creative and sales copy, to attract the right kind of buyers for your worked out selling price.

The idea behind marketing in real estate, is to create more perceived value to the home. And presentation of your property is a big part of this.

7. Put your property on the market

When your home is on the market your Real Estate Agent will need to access your property to show potential buyers. This can sometimes be hard for families whom haven’t got a new home yet.

A good agent will go above and beyond to work with you, and schedule appropriate dates to show your property off to buyers. And we also recommend removing your pets, if you have any.  What to do sell your home


The best agents will be able to negotiate the best price for the sales of your property. The worst thing you can do is to not trust your agent.

If you found the right agent the best thing you should do is to put your absolute faith in the agent’s skills.

If you are auctioning the highest bidder over the reserve price, unconditionally becomes the buyer of the property.

When there is a private sale, a 3 day cooling off period is applied to the buyer.

Don’t forget to get all your paperwork prepared through a legal practitioner like a conveyancer or your solicitor.

9. Settlement Stage

The last and final stage of selling your home is the settlement. This is where the buyer pays the contract price of your property, and legally owns the property.

The above tips are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how to sell your home.

Get in touch with an experienced agency that is backed with the local knowledge and experience.

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