Tips for Tenants

Utility Connections Made Easy

Did you know that the average time it takes to disconnect the average home’s utilities and reconnect them at your new address is nearly six hours? Who has that sort of spare time when they’re in the middle of moving?
It would be great if it were only the, electricity and gas you had to contend with. However, these days there’s usually also the phone, pay TV and Internet that all need to be disconnected and then re-connected. That means dealing with tedious call centres, waiting in time-consuming queues, and usually having to put up with providers trying to upsell you to different products from the one’s you’re using.
Hill and Viteri understand that not everyone has the time for it. This is why we have formed a partnership with My Connect. One phone call to My Connect will see all your utilities transferred to your new address expertly and efficiently.
My Connect will even let you know if there’s a better deal for you if you want them to. They keep you informed and you can spend your valuable time looking after the unpacking, the kids and getting set up.
Just ask our property management team for details.

How To Combat Mould

Mould spores are always present in the air around us which is why it is so important to keep your home properly ventilated.
As simple plants belonging to the fungi group, these tiny aviators need moisture in the air and are always on the lookout for a nice enclosed area in your home where ventilation is poor. That’s why cupboards and wardrobes often present the ideal moisture and temperature combination environment for mould and mildew to thrive.
To combat mould, you need to reduce moisture levels, consider insulation and increase ventilation.
Ideally, start by opening the windows to create cross ventilation regularly. This is the most energy efficient and inexpensive approach. Too cold? Alright, but open the windows just a little. Remember, the important thing is to keep air moving.
Alternatively, another common method is to use an electric dehumidifier. Most hardware and department stores can recommend the appropriately sized unit for your affected room.
Other areas that mould and mildew really enjoy are closets and the clothes they contain. As moulds grow they cause considerable damage. Mildew secretes an enzyme that decomposes organic matter and uses it for growth and reproduction. It often leaves a musty odour in clothes and causes unsightly black stains and rot.
Many people prefer to buy chemical dehumidifiers such as ‘Damp Rid’ and ‘Closet Camel’ at the supermarket or hardware store. These small plastic buckets contain refillable mineral salts that absorb moisture, collecting it below in a small reservoir that you need to empty periodically.

Maintenance – Keeping It Up

When you’re renting a property, don’t let maintenance issues build up around you.
Always inform your landlord or property manager of any problems that require the attention of a licensed tradesman so repairs can be expedited.
If you have difficulty maintaining the garden, hire a gardener at least once a month to help keep things under control and remove green waste.
On a weekly basis, clean the bathroom thoroughly and keep a close eye on mould. Left to its own devices, mould will quickly spread unless kept in check.
Your kitchen should be cleaned daily and garbage removed to avoid attracting pests such as cockroaches and rodents.
Carpets require regular vacuuming and benefit greatly from an annual professional clean. Encourage children to remove their shoes before entering the home to help reduce wear and tear.

Vacating – Cleaning tips and getting your bond back

When you vacate your rental property, give it a very careful clean before handing the keys back to your property manager. Your property manager must carefully inspect the property and advise the landlord of any deterioration in its condition. You could be expected to pay for professional cleaners if things aren’t up to standard.
We have some handy checklists for tenants. Just contact our property management team and we can send you one through.