How to boost property value without breaking the bank!

8 ideas to boost property value without breaking the bank

With record-high property prices all over the country, more and more property owners have been contemplating selling their property. If you’re one of those intending to sell, here are some simple tips to boost your chances of success.

1. Repaint the exterior for instant pay-off

They say that first impressions last. Thus, it is important to spruce up your property’s exterior because that’s the first thing that will attract your potential buyer’s attention.

So, You can do this by giving the exterior part of your property a fresh coat of paint.

Choosing the right colour can also have a big impact on your property’s perceived value, repainting your house in a neutral, modern colour can broaden your market and improve its universal appeal.

boost property value without breaking the bank!

2. Make the entrance look welcoming

To boost property value Arranging some plants at the entrance can help achieve this goal while also making it look aesthetically appealing, more spacious, and more expensive.

Even with a tight budget, pots and plants can be purchased cheaply through channels such as Gumtree or Facebook marketplace. So, A simple trick spray paint the pot/s any colour to match you décor.

3. Make your garden and lawn look zen

Make the garden look clean and nice by adding trendy yet low-maintenance plants to create focal points.

For the lawn, ‘Neat & Tidy’, also green lawns add value by improving the lush and well-kept look and feel of the garden.”

In addition, a big impact can be as simple as the adding of solar lights to create the right ambience for the lawn because buyers will visit your property during the day and also drive past at night.

4. Keep the interior neutral

Keeping a property’s interior neutral can help potential buyers see themselves living there.

Moreover, White paint is the top choice for neutral colours that will easily make a room feel light and fresh. Making the room clutter-free can make the interior look spacious as well.

5. Dress up the property

If people dress up for an important occasion, the same goes for a property up for sale.

Staging a house for sale can add an extra 5 to 10 per cent to a property’s sale price.

So, Placing expensive and minimalist furniture in strategic areas of the property can make people “see how the property can be showcased in the most gorgeous style.”

boost property value without breaking the bank!

6. Give the kitchen and bathroom a facelift

The kitchen is one of the biggest selling points of any property, the ‘Heart of the home’.

But fret not; this does not mean you have to start scouting for luxury appliance discounts to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom, what buyers really want for these spaces: functionality and practicality.

The budget-friendly way of doing this, is by replacing taps, as well as cupboard doors and handles. Outdated splashbacks and bathroom tiles can also be “spray painted with tile-friendly paint”. These tricks can help make your property sleek and modern.

Another trick is to replace an old-style bathtub with a modern more functional shower to create more space.

Furthermore, These improvements are usually well worth the initial small cost because you’ll get it back, and more.

7. Reduce your clutter to create more space

Ultimately many people buy new properties because they want more space, so it is important to create the feeling of more space when selling your property.

Optimising the property’s layout by making minor renovations and removing clutter. One way this can be done is by knocking down walls in multipurpose areas used for study or media rooms to add more space to the lounge or dining area.

Removing personal belongings to keep the clutter minimal and give space for visitors during house inspections.

Moreover, Potential buyers will be moving through the spaces and opening things. It is important to show that everything in the property is in good order.

boost property value without breaking the bank!

8. Clean is IN

Having lived in a property for some time can make an owner have blind spots for spaces that badly need attention.

Finally, The best and suggested solution is to get a professional company to clean the property. They will not only clean the spaces that you can see, but also get into all the hidden corners that you don’t even know exist!

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