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How to sell my house

The question we generally get asked from homeowners is: how to sell my house?

While there are many ways you can sell your property, the way we know works best, is by selling your home by auction.

Not many homeowners are aware that by choosing auctioning as a sales method is a three stage selling technique.

The auction process allows firstly lets buyers make an offer leading up to the auction day. Secondly offers are made on the day of the auction. And thirdly if the home is passes in buyers can make an offer after the auction.

Below are some Related Questions Home Sellers ask about auctioning:

Q: How many open inspections should I allow my Real Estate Agent to host?

A: You should allow your agent to do as many home inspections as possible. It will help you to achieve best results when you are auctioning or selling your home.

Q: What if another agent advised me to not accept an offer below a certain number on the day of the auction?

A: If you have done your research and got a good agent, then ignore the competing agent. Competing agents may try to jeopardize your auction this way, just so they can list your property instead.

Q: What happens if my property auctions passes in?

A: If your property auctionpasses in, the agent generally negotiates with the highest bidder. At times a higher price can be negotiated, and this is dependant on the skill level of your agent.

We can see from the questions above, that having an experienced agent is crucial to the auction of your property.

An agent that has the right skillset and positive “can do” attitude, we believe will always succeed.

And that is why at HIll & Viteri Property our staff are all continuously trained in negotiating, communicating and marketing.

When it comes to negotiating expect nothing but the best when you work with us. Because we believe in achieving the best results for all our clients, whatever their circumstances are.

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of the right education, to change what you may have thought was a dire situation, into a positive opportunity.

Let us help you to make the right decisions when it comes to selling your home, and stop asking the questions on: how to sell my house?

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