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Good Real Estate Agents, are a dime in a dozen, and finding the right agency to sell your property can be a challenge in itself.

Let’s take a look at the different types of experiences our clients have been through with their previous agents, and reflect upon our approach to real estate.

Hidden Fees and Extra Costs

One of our main pets hates that we hear from new clients, is all the hidden costs they got stung with, which only affected their upside, and resulted in a lesser profit.

We are transparent with all our clients from the get-go and want to make sure they are fully aware of all costs and scenarios that are and could be associated with the sale of their homes.

Lack of Communication

Customers want to know what’s going with the sale of their property and trying to reach an uncontactable agent, causes get stress and anxiety. The lack of communication amongst agencies and their clients is quite significant and we find this unacceptable.

One of our 3 pillars to success in the Real Estate industry, is communication. And we firmly believe that communication is key to success in any business.

While other agencies let deals slip through the gaps through lack of contact with their clients, we never miss a heartbeat, keep our clients up to date and are always contactable

No Education or Inadequate Explanation

The heading says it all. And it’s of no surprise at all, when customers visit us for the first time, that they only have a vague understanding of the real estate industry, or even worse an incorrect understanding.

Educating customers, and providing them with the essential knowledge to be successful in the real estate game, is what we love doing.

Our motto “Helping People Through Real Estate” resonates strongly with all our agents, and we pride ourselves on constantly adding value for our clients and making positive changes in their lives.

Weak Offers

Weak offers, are generally the result of poor marketing and lack of building value for your property.

When our goal is to achieve the best price property for the sale of your property, rest assured we are going to work hard to get you that result.

And that hard work is a combination, of communication, strong negotiations, creative marketing and educating clients on how to best add value to their property.

Local Estate Agents Sutherland Shire

Hill & Viteri Property 1/29 East Parade, Sutherland, NSW 2232, your friendly and local Sutherland Shire real estate agents. Get in touch with us now (02) 9545-2220, or fill out our contact form, and we will reach you at a more convenient time.

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