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While many home sellers out there would like to believe there home is up to scratch for sale, the reality is quite the opposite.

The thought of contributing more finances towards renovating your property can become quite daunting.

But with the right attitude and know how to add more value to your home, you can turn that renovation nightmare into a renovation dream, and command a higher price for your property at sale or auction.

At Hill & Viteri Property we understand that homeowners looking to sell their properties, can sometimes struggle to add more value to their homes.

And this is why we love to take an educational approach for our customers, so they can learn and understand how to best leverage off their real estate, and never  leave second guessing.

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When there are many ways you can add value to your property, there are also a few points home sellers should be aware of when preparing their home for sale:

Don’t Take It Personally

When we say “don’t take it personally”, we mean to say “take your personality out of your property.”

And don’t take this personally too.

Home buyers do not want to inspect a home, that feels like they are in somebody else’s house. They want to feel like they could buy the property today and move in tomorrow in its current condition.

Don’t Mix It Up Too Much

Mixing the style and design of the property can be very off putting for buyers. Again, the mixing and matching of homes tends to leave the feeling that property has too much of the current owners personality.

Stick With The Property Theme

Sticking with your property theme will attract more buyers and leave them feeling good about buying your home come auction day.

Whilst we do recommend going for a spacious minimalist theme, just remember that not all homes will suit one kind of theme.

In hindsight go with a theme that will suit the location, and the property and building type.

Go For Affordable Finishes & Furniture

We have all seen it done on shows like The Block, where contestants shop on a budget to put some finishing touches on the properties.

And you can easily achieve this too, by shopping around for affordable furnishings and furniture, you will be quite surprised how well you can make a property look on a small budget.

Don’t break The Bank

If every homeowner had an unlimited budget to renovate their homes, you could imagine they would renovate the home of their dreams.

However, this isn’t the case and the majority of homeowners looking to sell generally wish they could avoid renovating to save money.

However, the money spent now will save you more in the long run when you get a higher price for the sale of your property.

But you shouldn’t break the bank or exceed your budget when renovating your home. Stay within your means and if you can do it yourself rather than hiring a professional, then put in the elbow grease and get the job done.

By following the pointers above you can easily add more value to your home without breaking the bank. And if you are thinking of selling and want to know your current Real Estate Price Estimate?

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Hill & Viteri Property “Helping People Through Real Estate”

1/29 East Parade, Sutherland NSW, 2232.

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