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What is My Property Worth

Adding Natural Light

Natural Light is something that many homeowners miss out from in their homes due to the way their properties were designed, or other buildings blocking the sun and other possible obstructions like large trees or neighbors.

While many of us would like to have these obstructions removed, the reality is it can become a long and tiring battle trying to get council to remove an old tree or trying to prevent your neighbors from building that second floor addition.

The good news is we can let more of that natural light with the installation of a skylight or two around the home.

Skylights are a great way to let in more sun to your home, and not to mention to add more value for your potential buyers when it comes to selling.

Better Privacy

It can be challenging getting more natural light into your property without compromising your privacy, if you are looking to install larger windows or bi-fold doors.

However, with skylights, you can utilize your roof space to let in that natural sunlight. Skylights provide you with better privacy while keeping the light in.

Save on Energy Bills

Poorly lit homes are more common than people think. And this challenge forces households to look at alternative ways to reduce their energy consumption.

And with the rise of electricity costs in NSW, who wouldn’t be thinking on how they can save money on those rising power bills.

Skylights greatly reduce using power by providing all that bright natural sunshine into those previously once poor lit areas.

Go Double Glazed

Because Skylights can attract more heat, we would suggest going with double glazed skylights. Double glazed skylights will provide your home with better insulation and more comfort.

If you are thinking of adding a skylight into your home to let in more natural light, we recommend you seek the professional advice of a registered architect or licensed building practitioner before commencing the renovation.

What is My Property Worth

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